The Product mix of the company consists mainly of Containers, closures and dose measure. The containers are available in various shapes and sizes and are made from HDPE and PET material. The containers are available in sets with stopper, caps and other accessories such as Measuring Cup.

The closures are manufactured from suitable grade of plastic as well as alluminium. They consist of ROPP caps, Flip off Seals and Plastic caps.

The dose measures are manufacture from suitable grade of plastic and available in form of cups and spoons.

With the available technical expertise and resources, company is in the process to take up any type of non-standardized product made up of Plastic and Alluminium.
Quality Assurance
The company has ISO 9001: 2000 certifications and is always looking for continuous development and automation. The incoming, in-process and finished goods are checked and ensured as per quality manual guidelines. The workers are competent to visually inspect and ascertain the quality aspect of the raw material; product manufactured and finished goods packed.
Human Resource
Skilled and competent personnel are employed in the company. The company maintains a two - way communication process to enable the employees to come out with new ideas and innovations. Also they are given a proper channel to express their greviences.
The company is registered and is in process of completing all the formalities of Factory Act, Labour Laws, Excise, Sales Tax and SSI Certification in the name of the new company from the previous firm named D.M.Packaging.
Focus area
By enhancing product base and also to provide value added products, the company is in the process of identifying well reputed international manufactures of caps, closures articles etc. In order to establish tie up for importing the modern technology to the domestic market.
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